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  INTUITION — It was always there since I can remember but the pregnancy and mother(hood) journey also served as a spiritual awakening, acceptance and remembrance of it. True “connection” to spirit, God, the universe. I realized that children are born with this gift and as they “grow up” it is forgotten. Adults have totally forgotten and children can remind us to remember.

I embarked on a transitional lifelong journey to HEAL my INNER CHILD. I realized through my own processes that this is not a quick fix nor is there a single solution. I became very passionate about improving the emotional wellbeing of children and felt a calling to teach children to protect themselves when faced with situations beyond their control — to seek safety and solace within themselves. To remember the LIGHT within, the connection to all.

Mother. Author. Creator. Dreamer.

"Motherhood sparked a whole new level of vibration in her soul!"

Through the power of positive affirmations and meditation, Tania Joy Antonio has created a one-of-a-kind educational platform for children and their parents to harness the power of the mind. As a mindfulness guide for children, and a children’s book author.Her own personal journey of self discovery and motherhood has established Tania as an expert source in Today’s Parent Magazine, and Best Health Magazine to name a few.Tania  is becoming one of Canada’s most inspiring young author’s and she wants to see a  change in the way we as a society discuss, heal and think about the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of our children. 

Her passion stems from her personal experiences with trauma  as a child and young adult. She wants every child to know they do  not need to look outside themselves, that they have the power within to rise above. 

Tania truly understands and embraces the power of positive affirmations because the deeply rooted message within a word, many words became the hidden voice behind her souls mission. 

​she believes in the power of the pause. The power of Play, gratitude, laughter, and connection, for connection is the heart of relationships with ourselves and each other.

"There is a call to slow down. There are moments in our lives — big and small — that call for us to pay attention to intention, purpose, and authenticity. Parenthood is one of those BIG moments. Becoming a parent highlights the need for us to be true to ourselves, for a purpose greater than our own — our children" Tania Joy Antonio 

"Our Children do NOT want perfect, They want AUTHENTIC"

"Simple and fun, yet powerful. Tania reminds us that it does not  have to be complicated to take that pause and connect  " Allison , S.K Teacher 

"You can be a worrier and still be a WARRIOR"

Tania Joy Antonio 

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