The Wounded Warrior


Take that little girl, the wounded you, she has been waiting.

She is ready to bloom.


Hold her tight, but give her space.

Healing takes times. It is not a race.


 A compassionate hug.

 A gentle embrace.

We can not heal what we are not willing to face.


It has weighed you down for far too long.

You are a warrior.

You are strong.


Born to love. To learn. To serve.


Open your heart.


Be still.




Through pain comes growth.

Life is a series of ebbs and flows.


There is no end, no final destination.

Release the illusion of separation.


Listen to the whispers.

Go within.

Be intentional.

Just begin.


 The trauma.

The drama.

The chaos outside.

This world is loud and messy at times.


Pause. Breathe. Look inside.


Attune to essence of who you are.

A divine being.

A shining star.


Even if it does not feel that way.

Keep the faith.

Go deeper.



There is a magical place deep inside.

Where infinite possibilities reside.


You are love personified.

Let that love be your guide


A perfect creation of the divine, stand in your truth. Do not hide.

Stay in alignment with your heart’s desire’s.

Let yourself be inspired.


Just as the seasons change,

 you will not stay the same.

Savour the unfolding.

Let yourself grow.

It does not matter how fast you go.


You are not broken.

No fixing needed

Just as the tree sheds her leaves,

now is the time to plant new seeds.


The evolution of your soul.

A remembering that you are whole.


Come forth as you are.

All of your beauty.

All of your scars.


Stay connected to your vision.

Your purposeful path.

Your beautiful mission.


Rise up.

Shine On.

You are loved.

You belong.



Repeat after me.


I love and accept myself as I AM