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Diapers Diapers & More Diapers

So I wanted to share a great idea so all of you can share it with your mama friends, & future parents to be !!!

When I was planning my baby shower, I was thinking of door prizes. My plan was to do two or three nice big prizes. Set yourself a budget to spend on these gifts and then start planning. There are so many things you can do. Often times if you ask people in your community, like a restaurant or a store, they will donate a gift certificate for you.

When I sent out my invitations I included a raffle ticket that said “Bring a pack of diapers” (any size) for your chance to win a prize.

For those who wanted to be entered they brought a package of diapers. This truly turned out to be a great idea! I am so thankful my friend mentioned it to me. So I gathered a couple prizes. Depending on how many ladies you have attending your celebration you can decide how many door prizes you might want to have.

I have to say I did not know how expensive diapers could be and ummmmmm how many they will go through in a day!!

Because of this awesome idea I did not have to buy one package of diapers until Gemma-Love turned 6 months!!!!! She grew out of newborn pretty quick, so I love that there was a variety of sizes. I even exchanged the ones that were not yet open for a larger size at the store. Most stores will do that for you. And I still have some left that she has grown into yet.

I can not express how amazing it was to have all those diapers for SIX months.

Do not feel bad if you want to say a certain brand on your raffle ticket if you know what kind you want to use. I was told it is different for every baby so I just accepted whatever brands were given.

My fav Diapers are:

  1. Seventh Generation

  2. Honest (I only had new born)

  3. Natty By Nature

  4. Pampers swaddlers

  5. Costco

I am currently using Natty By Nature. I ordered a large amount on amazon. Also Thrive Market has a great deal on Seventh generation Diapers for my friend in the US.

I hope you like this idea and will share it with all your mama and mama to be friends.

Tania xoxo

(picture of raffle ticket found on google)


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