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Mama On A Mission xo

The flower house created the perfect table.

Last week I had my very first book signing for The Affirmation Station. It was a magical day leaving my heart so full of love, joy and gratitude. I usually work myself up before events and always feel nervous or anxious. But on the day of the event I had peace pumping through my pulse. A sense of calm. I could not wait to share my book with everyone, let them know my mission and why I believe so strongly in this simple practice. I say simple because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a simple practice that we need to engage in. I felt a sense of peace because of this dream that was placed in my heart and a vision that needed to be brought to life is a part of my purpose. I have always dreamed of making an impact on peoples lives and being a new mother has sparked a whole new vibration of inspiration in my soul. My passion stems from my personal experiences as child (which I will share more on later). I want to empower children to have a positive mindset and live a life of gratitude, love and compassion. I want all children to understand the importance of being kind to one another. I included a journal where the children can create their own affirmations and express gratitude. I included this with hope that this will become a daily practice for them. I understand the potential of believing in yourself and I want them to know they have they too have the power to choose.

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

I believe with daily practice we can learn to control how we feel on the inside. As adults, we can remove ourselves from situations which we feel drain us or reflect negatively. Children don’t always have that option. So I am hoping “The Affirmation Station” will become a tool that can help children from day to day. I am not saying negativity or negative inner dialogue will disappear. I do believe we need to recognize when it happens and honor it, but we can learn to turn it around quickly.

I designed the cover to look like a gas station. Just like we need to fill our gas tanks we need to fill up our body, mind and spirit with the as many positive, kind and loving thoughts and words we can.

I am still flying high in gratitude for all the support from that day and all the messages I receive. I met some beautiful souls that shared some intimate things with me. I want to quote a beautiful women’s comment to me

“My daughter and I read your book together tonight. It’s so beautifully illustrated and the words so powerful. My daughter loved it. It’s exactly what she needed and I am so grateful we stumbled upon you that day. It was truly a sign and a part of her journey to find you and your beautiful book”

I can not begin to express the way that fills my heart up. I know God put a dream and a vision in my heart for a reason. I want to thank all of you who have shown me and The Affirmation Station so much Love. I am excited to share more of what is in my heart with you.

If you love the book and the message and decide to share it with others, I thank you so very much.

Have yourself a beautiful day and repeat after me…….



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