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A Super Soul-Full Sunday

This Sunday I had a magical day, it was literally magical. Filled with light. I always wanted to attend the “I Can Do It” conference put on by Hay House. It is filled with inspirational light workers. When I started my publishing process for The Affirmation Station and looked up the dates, I knew my book would be released by then and not only would I attend, but I would be attending as an author. I thought this was it, I was finally going to meet and hopefully hug the man who has been inspiring me, teaching and touching my soul with his light and wisdom since I was a young girl. Dr. Wayne Dyer. My heart was heavy when I learned of his passing, yet still I am blessed to receive love in my inbox with his video series, his library of books, meditations, daily wisdom on Facebook etc. He lives on in so many of us and I will continue to learn from him always.

Well the first two people I met when I arrived on Sunday was Wayne’s Daughters Saje and Tracey! They were there showcasing “Urban Junket”, an eco friendly line of bags made from recycled plastic. I love my eco pouch. Check them out.

I met so many amazing beings that day. It was a day filled with soul-full conversations. Gemma-Love was with me and stole all the attention, everyone just loved her. My book was displayed at the Balboa Press booth and it was such a wonderful feeling seeing it out there with all the others, I really can not put it into words how happy it made me.

Two thirty came around and it was time for Gabrielle Bernstein to go on stage. I was so looking forward to finally seeing her live. I have attended many of her webinars and as amazing as it is to watch from the comfort of your home, I could not wait to feel her energy live. As I mentioned Gemma-Love was with me. I was praying she would be good during the talk so I could stay in the auditorium and not have to listen from the outside. She spent the first ten minutes nursing/napping which was perfect.

Random fact: I start my mornings singing mantras, from an album called “Mantras for divine Grace” it is such a peaceful calming way to start the day.

Gabrielle started her talk by playing these gorgeous Mantras and has everyone sing along to them. So here I am, nursing my love, singing Mantras with a room full of seekers, spirit junkies, with Gabrielle Bernstein, I was moved to tears. It was beautiful. Her session rocked me to my core! It was beautiful, so raw. Filled with emotions, tears, laughter and love. Reminding us to be brave and to try to stop out running our fear(s). To fully live in our truth, that is when we are most aligned with our purpose. She shares her light in such a way it cracks you open. She shares her truth, her journey and her struggles. She exposes her shadows and reminds you not to supress yours. To be brave enough to face them. Her session resonated with me so deeply as she spoke about childhood trauma. I have watched so many of her talks and found it to be wild that the one I attended live was the one that most resonated with what has been coming up for me very recently in my life. My soul was infused with her bright light and I am so grateful.

Did I mention Gemma-Love, who normally wants to be running everywhere and not sit still, sat there totally taking it all in. I was in awe. When gabby says “expect miracles”……well that truly was a miracle!

So off I went to wait in line to finally meet her. I met so many more amazing people and had more soul-full conversations while we waited. There she came walking up to her table and she stopped right where I was standing, scooped up Gemma-Love and said “Who is This?” This is Gemma-Love, the tiniest spirit junkie ever!!!!

We took some pictures, she signed her miracles now card for Gemma-Love (they have been her favourite since she was a couple months old, she carries them around everywhere). There was so much I wanted to say but honestly, so many people are waiting to meet her. I expressed my gratitude to her for all she does. I have to say she is even more sweet then I could have imagined and she looks right in your eyes when she is connecting to you and is fully engaged even though there are sooooooo many people around waiting for their turn to express their love to her.

I had the most amazing day, you could even call it transformational and to be able to have my daughter, my “WHY” there with me was such a beautiful experience. So know your WHY, hold on tight to that dream in your heart, that purpose in your pulse and be brave. I AM.

Mama On A Mission Tania

I would love for you to share a time you were cracked open, moved, or what you do to break through a fear that may be holding you back. xo


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