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Prayer In Numbers

I absolutely love receiving messages from people who share their thoughts on The Affirmation Station. The Affirmation Station is for anyone and everyone at any age. The words “I AM” hold great power and we need to really be mindful how we are using them.

I am both touched and grateful that she decided to share a piece of her story with me. When we share our stories we empower and inspire others to share their stories too. And there is an element of healing when we share. Prayer is powerful and positive affirmations can be a very powerful tool when it comes to healing. I am asking that all of you to read this and send Light + Love + Positive Vibes and prayers their way.

Good morning Tania,

I was at this weekends I Can Do It in Toronto and missed out on getting a signed copy of your book and was wondering if I would somehow still be able to get a copy. It looked so beautiful and full of positive messages. My son is going through treatment for Leukemia and has been for a year and a half with another year to go and I think this would be a great and cute book for him to read through. I'm also struggling a lot with this and I know I would even enjoy this one. We get so caught up in the negativity of this world and our now new normal and at times it's hard to remember just who we are and something fun and beautiful like this book would be wonderful reminder for me as well.

Mama On A Mission, Tania xo

If there is something you would like to share here or need extra prayers your way. Please let us know so we can send some your way too.

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