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"A Great Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens A Mind and Touches A Heart"

When I had the vision for The Affirmation Station, I also envisioned teachers embracing it in the classroom. I believe with all my heart that a daily practice of affirmations is so important. Just as important as it is for us to practice individually, we need to encourage children to use this positive and very powerful tool. Having their teacher encourage this is a true gift. Positive affirmations will help empower them to believe in themselves and express themselves in a creative and positive way. So when they may be faced with a challenge, they will recognize that they already possess the power within themselves to rise above. Incorporating this daily practice will contribute to them developing a positive mindset, helping them to cope with thoughts that may not serve them. They can learn to honor those thoughts when they pop up, but at the same time teaching them they have the power to release the negative thoughts and replace them with a positive one. If we become what we think, then by instilling this simple, fun, positive practice of self talk in them, we are encouraging them to feel confident in WHO they are. Their essence is pure, love, authentic and unique. Lead by example and encourage an attitude of self-love, kindness, compassion and gratitude, this will create a healthy foundation in them. Thank you Anna for sharing this with me and encouraging your students to shine.

“Hey Tania! I read your book to my class today... I want to congratulate you on creating such an empowering and beautifully written piece of work. I truly loved the message it delivers a long with the illustrations. You had a wonderful idea and I think it's a great book to have as a teaching tool in the classroom, as well as a book that should be used by parents to read to their children.

My students enjoyed it and really admired the illustrations”.

This picture made my heart swell as it was filled with so much gratitude.

Mama On A Mission,

Tania xo

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