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Yoga and Wine: A night of Self-Love

Last night I had the most beautiful experience as I enjoyed a yoga class in the vineyard. It was on my summer bucket list. I purchased the ticket last month and was so excited to gift this to myself. Yes, I say gift, because it is a true gift to show yourself some love. Two years ago I would never have bought a ticket to attend an event all alone. Of course I am not there alone, there would be many beautiful souls engaging in this experience together. I added one ticket to the cart and it felt great. The day arrived, thunder storms and all. I could of been bummed about it, I was looking forward to this event under a tent in a vineyard, yoga, wine, relaxation, self love, some ME time. A little rain never hurt anyone right? The day cleared up though, and the sun was shining, blue skies all around.

When I arrived and set up my mat I just gazed out at the vineyard and sat in gratitude for this magnificent back drop that I was blessed to view while doing yoga. The class was led by a beautiful expecting mama. She gave off the most amazing energy. She asked us all while we started laying on our backs in savasana to set an intention for this next hour. My intention was to fully surrender to the mat and give my body, mind and spirit this next hour to flow, relax, and just BE.

“Energy flows where intention goes”

Being a new mother I have to say, there are not many times I close my eyes in compete relaxation. I think as mothers it is in our nature to be constantly wondering how we can care for our children and family, is there something we can do for them right now, are they OK!? And the list goes on. That is why I believe it is so important to have self-care and meditation be a part of our rituals (habits)

Within the first few seconds of laying there, my eyes filled up with tears (this is not the first time I have cried in a yoga class) Has that ever happened to you? I was grateful and so happy to be engaging in this experience. My surroundings were just so beautiful. It felt good to just LET GO.

“peace is our very nature and yoga leads you to inner peace”

I definitely had peace running through my pulse. So the class went on and it was sixty minutes of me doing very imperfect poses, laughing, flowing, and wine. Yes, wine, the last fifteen minutes we each had an ounce of red or white while engaged in tree pose, warrior pose and sun salutations all while Saluting with a glass of wine. It was great!

Then comes the savasana again and as I lay there all of the sudden, the sun came beating in on the side of my face through the tent and this complete feeling of bliss and peace came over me. And in that moment I felt like I was the only one in there, a few more tears came on. Then I opened my eyes. I know you should keep your eyes closed during savasana, but I could not pass up the opportunity to look up at the gorgeous sky. My soul said Thank you.

I headed out of the tent and there was my daughter with my mother waiting. Of course I grabbed her and squeezed her and kissed her, then her and I went and picked up daddy and went and enjoyed a nice slow Indian dinner.

It was the absolute perfect way to end the month of August.

The perfect affirmation to go with the day.

I am grateful for this experience, I am love. I am whole.

Commit to showing yourself some LOVE this week. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

I would love for you to share with me how you currently show yourself currently show yourself LOVE or what your plan is to start xoxox

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