I'll Be Happy When.........

I'll be happy when..........

I loose 10, 20,30 pounds.

Societies idea of beauty can be SO loud.

We start to believe we are not worthy to receive.

The Love!

The Affection!

The job!


The Lover!

Loose ten pounds in one week in huge text on the magazine cover.

Be beach body ready in just ten days.




I'll be happy when I get the lover, but my true self I will have to cover.

I can't let them see, all of me.

My flaws, my desires, my beliefs.

Telling ourselves we are incomplete and I'll be happy when.........

I can't possibly be happy until then.

Then my soul whispered.

You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are abundant my dear.

Just look inside and it will become clear.

Savour the unfolding. Release any shame, fear and resistance you are holding.

Less suppression.

More expression.

Set your soul free.

Relax into the magic of just letting yourself BE.


It is far too tragic to hide your magic in a world that needs your LIGHT.

Each morning when you wake, commit to taking care of your emotional state.

See ALL this focus on external stuff has us feeling like we are not enough.

Let us make the commitment to love ourselves, free from any Conditions.

Let us release those limiting beliefs.

Let us open our hearts and say

I Am ready to receive, I Am ready to see, and most of all I AM ready to BE.

I Am ready to be ME.

We already have everything we need.

We are limitless beings. Creations of the divine. If we could just stop wasting our time. Take a deep breath and go within, we are so much more than this skin we are in. We are filled with purpose, love and light. Joy is not something we earn, it is our birthright.

This is our temple where our soul resides, it is our vehicle through this journey called life.

So let us be kind, loving and caring, release the need for judging and comparing.

Now look in the mirror, right into your eyes.



Deep inside.

I think you might be surprised, to see the love looking back at you.

Let’s show ourselves some compassion and gratitude.

Repeat after me.

I am sorry. I love you. Thank you.