Signs From The Universe. Mantras Over Madness

Do you notice when the universe is speaking to you? Do you have a special sign that resonates so deep within your heart. I have a few, feathers are definitely one of them, which is what today's Mantra is inspired by. However it resonates with you, spirit, angels, universe, and so on. The Universe is speaking to you, through you! After all we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. With an open heart and open mind we allow ourself to see and feel the magic that is around. " If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child we would see he magic in everything"

Focusing on a positive mantra only takes a minute. Bring your attention to your breath, Inhale nice and slow, release and repeat your mantra out loud, or say it over in your head. Repeat your mantra a few times.


Wing it! Thats what the angels do xo

Share this mantra with someone you love, and please share with me what is your sign from the universe?? How do you feel when you get your sign? xox