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Everything you need you have within. Count to 3 and just begin. ➰ One thing I hope to empower my daughter with is that she has everything she needs within.

In a world where we are told we need all of these "things" outside of ourselves, and so much focus is on the external! it is so important to cultivate that relationship with our highest self. You know..... that feeling you get during moments of complete peace? I live for those moments! Those are the moments I know for sure I am connected to my highest self, to my inner being who knows what it is I need.

Each breath is a miracle.

More often than not I have caught myself, just taking shallow breaths and being so distracted that I am not actually connecting to my breath or the present moment.

Take your hand right now and place it on your heart, take a nice full breath......fill up your lungs and your belly......imagine that your whole being is getting infused with a bright white light from your head all the way to your toes..............Now just relax and let it all out.

doesn't that feel good?

It is hard to focus on anything else when you are truly practicing being present and connecting to your breath.

"Everything you need, you have within, count to three and just begin"

A mantra to remind her (and me) to just come back to our breath.

Inhale love. Exhale love. The ONE tool that can support us so much is something that comes with us everywhere we go. Our breath.



Breathe. ➰ I am taking this mantra with me into the upcoming Holiday season!! May the Holidays be filled with the things that matter most. Inner peace+ Love+ Light.+Laughter. Take some time today to just breathe. ➰ Do you have a mantra you use everyday? I would love if you shared it with me.

sending so much love,

Tania xo

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