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The Journey Inward

It seems the call to go inward has been strong for many. I was being guided and I listened. It’s been a time of transition. Creation. Reflection. Peeling back layers. Releasing. Envisioning but most of all honouring the time needed to just BE. Growth. Expansion. Creating the space our soul needs to connect to what it is it’s trying to tell us. Silence creates that space. Asking for signs is one thing. Staying open to receive them is another.

Signs. Come in all different shapes and sizes. Some visible some only felt with a simple knowing.

I have a deep connection to feathers. They have been one of my signs for a while now.

“As a symbol across many cultures, feathers have always represented a connection to spiritual realms and to divinity. A symbol of flight and freedom. Not just in a physical sense but a mental, emotional and spiritual sense”

• Do you pay attention to signs? Do you have a sign that is symbolic to you?

• Have you been feeling that call to go inward?

Honour it and Savour the unfolding. I am grateful for what’s being revealed during this time. share with me in the comments what have you been feeling called to do? Has this been a season of going within for you as well?

Say it with me..................I AM Savouring the unfolding

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