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Take A Mindful Minute + Breathe With Me

1.....2.....3..... Breathe with me! Aside from Lowering your heart rate, Lowering blood pressure and cardiac output. Increasing blood oxygen levels. Conscious breathing promotes clearer thinking. Relieves stress. Increases metabolism. Improves circulation. Supports detoxification. The list goes on.

It brings us in to the present moment, into awareness. Have you ever caught yourself taking really shallow breaths? I have! I always go into a cycle of deep breaths when I do, and then I instantly feel better. More open, more calm. More clear. Less anxious.

Engaging in connected breathing sends a message to our brain to relax. Our breath is one thing we take with us everywhere we go. Cultivating this simple + effective mindful practice is something you can use anytime you need to. It has helped me so much.

Feeling stressed? breathe.

Feeling sad? breathe.

Feeling scared? breathe.

Feeling triggered? Pause + Breathe (before you react)

It really does all come back to the breath.

There is much power in the pause, in connecting to our breath intentionally with awareness.

Have a little one? it is never to young to encourage a child to connect to and engage in concuss breathing. To stay connected to their inner selves.

I have shared this quote by Dr Wayne Dyer before, because I love it so much.

"You can not always control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside"

side note (this quite used to trigger me)

Children can not always control what goes on in their environment, but we can empower them to know they possess the power to rise above and engage with their inner calm when they need to.

Once a week I will be releasing a mini mantra for kids (I use these too, they are really for everyone) On my youtube Channel .

This is one of my go to mantras when I need to relax and reconnect. There is also a full length mini meditation with this mantra on my channel. I hope you enjoy it.

Close your eyes. Place your hand over your heart. Deep breath in. Exhale.

I would be so grateful if you see the magic in these mini mantras if you subscribed to my youtube channel. Please share this with anyone you think might enjoy it. We can all benefit from taking a mindful minute.

with love + gratitude,


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