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Affirmation For Releasing Limiting Beliefs

"If you accept a limiting belief then it will become a truth for you" Louise Hay

What limiting beliefs are you holding on to? are you ready to release them? not because it is a new year, but because each day, each moment is brand new and they are simply not serving us or our highest good. We can recognize them, honour them, but we have got to release them. Followed by choosing something that serves us better. Also what serves YOU better, not what everyone else is saying and believing. what is true for YOU?

Often times we have adopted beliefs that are not aligned with our truest selves.

I like to check in with myself. Explore them in a healthy way by asking questions.

Where did this belief come from?

Who taught it to me?

Is this true for ME?

Then I remind myself it is safe to change my mind, to let go of beliefs that do not serve me. I am ever changing, ever evolving, always becoming. A part of the process in being open to change may be facing some pain points. We have to face pain in order to transmute it and change it, so let us feel it to heal it.

Things you should believe. You are worthy. You matter. You are a creation of the divine. You are worthy of the most divine love. You are supported. Your dreams matter. You are loved. You are LOVE. It is safe to change your mind.

I Felt called to share and I hope this affirmation serves you.

Leave a comment and tell me what limiting beliefs you are ready to release?

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