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The Affirmation Station is NOW in over 80 school's being used daily in classrooms across Canada!!!!! .

"Love the concept of this little gem! It's so positive and a great tool for any parents working with their kids on speaking kindly to themselves and others."

Amazon reader

The two words "I AM" are the most powerful words a sentence can begin with. It sends a signal out to the universe of what is in the present moment. 

Life is a wonderfully difficult journey, and it is with the intention of this book to help guide our blessed little futures into the best Self they can be. 

I have built my life around personal growth and self love, it is a foundation that we all need. As a mother I value raising a child in the eyes of universal Self love. So that no matter the obstacle, a child will possess the ability to rise above. 

In the purest of ways, we can help remind and guide self awareness, instill divinity and confidence in our children so that they know who they are in their purest essence.  They are Love personified, the most beautiful innocent sacred treasure.  

This book sets the stage for developing intention at a young age so that they may continue to love one another in the most kind and gentle way. It ignites passion about their own lives, showing how beautiful they truly are. Isn't that what we want for our children?  To be the future harmony of this universe?  

Let “I AM” resonate within their souls and open doors to their lives.

"Reading The Affirmation Station to my infant daughter reminded me that the greatest gift we can give our children is to demonstrate for them self-love, so that in return, they will learn to love every part of their perfect little selves. If we believe that we become what we think about, then by sharing this beautiful book with your little one, you will be ensuring they put their thoughts toward kindness, gratitude, compassion, and love. I highly recommend you read The Affirmation Station to your baby or child starting now!"


  • Serena J. Dyer, mother and author of Don't Die With Your Music Still In You


“In this special book, Tania Joy Antonio reminds our children that they are full of essence and spirit. A wonderful way to stay connected to the divinity that is present in us all.


  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary, New York Times author of The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family 

"Someone gifted me The Affirmation Station when I became pregnant and I am so in love with it. I practice my daily affirmations. I can not wait to share this book with my child and as they grow and start to write they can engage in the affirmation and journal portion. This book encourages all of us to cultivate a attitude of gratitude. Believe in ourselves and take care of our emotional wellness all in a simple and fun way. It's also so beautiful and colourful with all hand painted images. I highly recommend this book for all ages. It's a beautiful keepsake as well"

Amazon Reader 

"I have purchased this book a few times for children and expecting mothers and a friend who needed some extra positivity in her life. I highly recommend The Affirmation Station for all ages. It's colourful, simple, fun and inspiring. Something to engage in as a family or one on their own. I will continue to purchase it for gifts for those special people in my life." Amazon Reader 

"The Affirmation station is a wonderful book for families and littles! It is definitely a book we reflect on daily and when having a challenging day we recite some of the positive affirmations learned in this book. If you're looking for a book that reflects positivity, kindness and Joy this is the book for you and your fam! We also bought a few extra as gifts for all the children in our extended family!"

Nadia Mirza 

"WOW! Such a wonderful, positive, empowering book for all children!! Even adults for that matter. This book is a must for all classrooms" Amazon reader 

"I originally bought this book for my young boys a couple of years ago and have since co-created the I AM empowerment project, teaching children the power of affirmations through creativity and mindfulness and we read this book to the children every time! It's an absolutely beautiful tool"

Kim Mcconaghy

"The affirmation station is a refreshing book for little minds. I love reading it with my daughter before bed and reciting the affirmations to ourselves. The illustrations are gorgeous and the journal at the end is an added bonus! A must for any mindful library" Amazon Reader 

"Amazing weekly read for BOTH parents and little ones. The perfect amount of warmth for anyone’s heart!" 

Amazon Reader 

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